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Welcome TCB Members! This page is intended for TCB members only. If you’re not a member, this info won’t really be relevant for you at all… please subscribe to our mailing list and buy some concert tickets! 🙂

COVID safety protocols are in effect (Policy updated August 2022)

If you are a member, this page has everything you need to know, and it’s usually pretty up-to-date.

Size: about 75 active members


2023-2024 Member Registration (click here to register every year)

Annual General Meeting Page
Everything you need to know about our next AGM is on this page, including downloads, agendas and sign-up forms. Get involved!

General Links

Members Mailing List
Important news, updates & communications that you need to know as a band member.  You absolutely should be on this list.

Information about time and location for rehearsals, including maps, post-rehearsal activities, and more. You can subscribe to our rehearsal calendar on your desktop or mobile device here.

Concert FAQs
Everything you need to know about performing in our concert. When to show up, what to wear, etc.

Concert Promo Info
Links to all of our current promotional material lives here.

Dues Payments
Annual dues payments are due at the end of the 3rd rehearsal of the year. Learn more about dues and pay them on this page.

Public Mailing List
Please subscribe to our mailing list so that you can stay informed about what we’re telling our fans.

Facebook Page
Please like our Facebook page and help out with promoting and marketing the band. It’s been very successful so far but we need your help in spreading the word!

Facebook Private Group
Join the internal Facebook group for the TCB and join our private discussion. Talk about rehearsals, that last piece we played, and what on earth Ken was wearing that one day…

Constitution & Bylaws
The constitution and bylaws of the TCB are posted at this page.  As a member, you should  know the rules of the band, so please read them.

Bingo Volunteering
Instructions and information about helping TCB fulfill its volunteering commitment with the bingo program.

Expense Reimbursements
Please submit your receipts via email to [email protected] (scans and photos are fine). Individuals will be paid back within 30 days. (“net-30”)





Archive of Ancient Links


Playing in person under COVID


Join the Board
Want to join the board of directors? Here’s the package.

Annual General Meeting
Links to the agenda and the full AGM package are right here.


Join the Board
Want to join the board of directors? Here’s the package: 2017BoardElectionPackageRevised2017-06-13.

Band Camp
Everything you need to know about 2017 band camp is right here.

Annual General Meeting
Links to the agenda and other exciting matters.

Hallowe’en Rehearsal
Please let us know if you plan to attend on Hallowe’en.


2016 Band Camp
Details for our first ever band camp are now finally available! Have a look, sign up, and see you there!